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am answering a question. its a context. question is to find the pertinent entry on the list of items pasted on the wall that has to do with jonathan livingston seagull. the answers are written on a piece of larger paper (like manila paper) and are pasted on the wall. they're handwritten, some of them in pencil. quite illegible. and part of the paper is pasted above my eye level so it's really difficult to read. there are dozens of entries in the sheet so i had to take lots of time to browse through them.

i am becoming frustrated and vexed. can't find anything that comes close to jonathan livingston seagull. i even asked the man who was hosting the contest to read something i couldn't decipher (because the penmanship was bad).

finally i give up and say i just cant find the answer. i am then told that i'm right. that the answer is not in the list.

i am told that i have lost or that the judges will declare that i cannot get the prize even if i correctly said that the answer is not to be found there (even as i have answered two previous questions correctly??). i tell the host that i'm going to sue. he is a bit surprised and i tell him again that i will sue. i also tell him that i have read jonathan livingston seagull five times and that i've even written a book review on it.