Touchpad Gestures and Keyboard Strokes
for Laptops Running Windows 10

July 29 2016

Check Your Touchpad Settings

Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar (or press the Windows key located to the left of the spacebar). Click on Settings, click on Devices and select Mouse and Touchpad. Set the options therein as required. (Settings can also be accessed by clicking the Windows icon and choosing All Apps.)

Note: Touchpads that don't comply with Microsoft Windows 10 specifications might not implement some gestures or might not function as expected.

Gesture Action / Mouse Equivalent
1-finger tap Left mouse click
2-finger tap Right mouse click
3-finger tap Open Microsoft (Cortana) search
1-finger tap at the lower right corner of the screen Show desktop
1-finger double tap then drag Drag and drop / Select text
2-finger slide up/down Scroll page up/down
When a window is open:
3-finger slide up Show Task View (preview of all open windows)
3-finger slide down Show desktop
When Task View is shown (after 3-finger slide up):
3-finger slide down Return to window prior to 3-finger slide-up
1-finger tap on desktop Return to window prior to 3-finger slide-up
3-finger slide right or left (keeping fingers on touchpad) Show Task View — moving the three fingers (without lifting them off the touchpad) to a particular window preview will select it and bring it up after fingers are lifted
2-finger pinch Zoom out
2-finger spread/stretch Zoom in
Left touchpad click + other finger drag Select text
Keystrokes Action
Alt + Tab Show Task View — pressing Tab repeatedly will cycle through the previews of open windows; releasing Alt key will bring up the selected window
Alt + Esc Go to / Bring up next open, non-minimized window
Ctrl + Alt + an arrow key Change screen orientation
Ctrl + X (case insenstive) Cut
Ctrl + C (case insenstive) Copy
Ctrl + V (case insenstive) Paste
Ctrl + F (case insenstive) Find
Ctrl + Alt + Delete Show options including Task Manager